Expert Tips to Help the Healing Process

  • Remove bandage after 1-2 hours. If using Saniderm leave on until the morning.
  • Wash tattoo with a mild antibacterial soap (Dial) and cool water. Be sure to remove all the plasma to avoid scabbing. Pat dry with a CLEAN paper towel and try not to rub it or bump it on anything.
  • Repeat the cleansing process 2-3 times a day until the tattoo is no longer seeping plasma. If there’s anymore build up definitely do another clean just be gentle with drying it.
  • 48 hours after getting the tattoo you may moisturize the tattoo with a NON-SCENTED lotion such as Lubriderm, A&D ointment, or Aquafor to keep the tattoo moisturized and help with itching during the healing process. TOO MUCH ointment can trap bacteria on the tattoo, which can lead to infections. After cleaning the tattoo just put a pea sized amount to coat the surface.
  • AVOID scratching or picking during this stage to prevent damage to the tattoo.
  • Avoid soaking, hot tubs, baths, swimming for at least 2 weeks!
  • Once the tattoo is healed, use the sunscreen to keep them looking vibrant.

It is imperative you keep your tattoo clean!

Clean bedding, clothes, free of pet hair and debris is recommended. Wear loose fitting clothing to avoid rubbing of the tattoo. If you have any questions, please contact your artist!