I haven’t had a chance to give my review since I’ve been on the road working. I came to this shop on a whim having to leave for work super early the next day. Literally everything from the receptionist, owner and artist Jesse was absolutely awesome. Clean shop and completely comfortable atmosphere. The crew was all super sweet to me and I could clearly see they enjoyed working together. Nothing but jokes and laughter coming from this team and I’ll absolutely be back the next time I’m in the area. Jesse added to my sleeve I’ve been working on and was super fun to talk to. The process was fast and honestly not as painful as I expected. He had a good hand and only people with a bit of work know what I mean. He also touched up some work I’d had done on the road. And frankly I was so embarrassed to show the tattoo because it did not heal well. I have incredibly sensitive skin and went into a shop that pushed desensitizing spray on me along with the new sanaderm plastic for my tat. Forgive me I’m sure I spelt that wrong. But anyhow the tat wasn’t great. And Jesse very professionally touched it up and now being a few weeks later want to say it’s healed great along with the tat he did on his own. I highly recommend this shop. Worth checking it out. Again I’ll absolutely be back after my tour with Post Malone.